Thursday, July 5, 2012

So Much Happening!!!

Talk about a HOT 4th of July...YIKES!!!  
Our community has a FUN parade...
and our preschool is an active participant.  
We put school magnets all over my Beetle!
Little ones...and parents...walk along passing out candy.  
It's the best seat in the parade!

Exciting news in our family this 4th of July!
Our son and his girlfriend got engaged!!!
I'm so happy for them!!!
I need to research the role of the Mother of the Groom.   
As much as I'd like to be creatively involved...
I am going to completely step back...
and let them create their wedding...YIKES!  

Beetle Sampler Update...
When I left the MEHC workshop...
I designed the shape of the sampler and pinned down fabric squares.
I now have the fabric stitched down and have added charms!  
I think it's going to be super CUTE!

When I was leaving the MEHC Workshop...
Mary winked at me and told me to add a Wind-Up Key to my Beetle!
Wa La!  I think I fould the perfect key!
Thanks Mary!  :)

Speaking of Mary Engelbreit...
Poor Mary broke her foot while on vacation in Maine.  
I wish her the best for a successful recovery.

XO, Lucy

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