Sunday, July 1, 2012

Complete New and Improved Craft Room...


Since returning home from the fabulous 
ME Home Companion Workshop 
June 9 and 10...'s been WORK...WORK...WORK!  
Not teaching...I'm off for the summer.  
It's "catch up time" around our home! 
We've been playing musical rooms in our basement!  
We turned my old craft room into a storage room.
Where is my craft room?!?!
It is now in the biggest room of the basement!
My husband built beautiful wainscoting...
with a "lip"...
the perfect place to display my Thimbleart!

Now that the room is complete...
I am making the final plans for hosting
my own Shadowbox Workshop!

Details to come within the week!

XO, Lucy


  1. Lucy...Love It! So cute! Love the new wainscoting, too. What a great idea to frame the Workshop poster with your photos. I love the red walls, too. Craft room envy with all that space and decor.
    Thanks so much for stopping by tonight ;-)


  2. Hi Lucy...Love the ME windsock. I was at Michaels today and they have a bunch of ME stuff...note pads, pens, long skinny pads ... all new stuff and still only $.00 to $3.00. Just thought you'd like to know. Joan N