Saturday, August 31, 2013

BOOtique on the Blog!

Hi all!

Welcome to my BOOtique on the Blog!

I know...I'm rushing the season!

But...I am a preschool teacher...
and school starts soon!!

Items for sale here were all 
designed and created by me...Lucy Tracy!

No Smoking in my workshop...or home!

Items are one of a kind!

Please email me at...
to purchase an item.

Items will be sold in order of emails received!

Sold Items will be removed from the BOOtique.

I will invoice you via PayPal...
after I confirm the item is yours
and after I confirm your email.

If you are local...
I will deliver...
and you can pay by cash or check.
I will adjust prices...
to reflect no shipping necessary.

Prices include shipping.
USA only.

On Friday, September 13...
all items will go into my 
*NEW* Etsy shop.

There is lots to see...have fun!

XO, Lucy

Friday, August 30, 2013


Opening tomorrow!

On 9-13-13...
items are moving to my
*NEW* Etsy shop!


XO, Lucy

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy August...well errr..almost September!

Public school has started!
Preschool home visits are soon!
This year I will be teaching T3's and 3!!
Let the FUN begin!

Summer has been lovely...
enough rain to keep things green.
Enough warm days to get to the pool.
Enough clear days that I could...
stain the deck railings!

I've had lots of fun playing around 
on InstaGram...  
Making friends and
Being inspired!

I've been painting lots lately!
I'm hosting my BOOtique early this year!
Very early...
next fact.
I will be busy in September and October
with school and another niece's wedding.

My BOOtique will be all 
Halloween treasures!

I will be posting photos of items for sale on
FRIDAY... August 30!

For you locals...
BOOtique Open House
My Home
Thursday...August 29

Email me at...

XO, Lucy