Saturday, February 16, 2013

Whoo Nelly...

It's not Spring yet...
Not in Chicago at least!

It's February...
and we still have 
Conversation Hearts 
in the house!

I keep my
Valentine treasures
out until March.

Then it will be Spring!

Well, not really...
Aside from a tiny warm up
in February...
enough to wash the salt off your car...
We don't feel Spring
until late April.

Chicagoans don't dare plant
our annuals until
Memorial Day!

So, please enjoy more
of my Snowmen
and Valentines
a little longer.

With a little sneak peek of what is to come.

XO, Lucy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hi Friends!

I just LOVE Valentines Day!  
All that color...especially red!
All that glitter...especially red!

I have made just a few Valentine treasures to sell.
Prices of each item are under the photo.
Shipping is additional.

If you are interested
in any of these treasures...
Please email me at

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Valentines Day!

XO, Lucy

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I LOVE Birthdays!!

Hi friends!

Yesterday was my birthday!
I LOVE birthdays...
don't you!?!?

At my doorstep
was the most YUMMY
birthday cake!  
I took it to preschool
and we ate it for snack!
Not really...
the cake was not real!
My friend, Carol Schmidt
made the cake for me!
Thanks Carol!

My most wonderful friend, Mary,
left REAL cupcakes
for me at preschool!
Wasn't that just so nice!

While limited, I have found some time to paint.
My Valentine Thimbleart 
can be ordered at any time.
I also have Snowmen Thimbleart...
available now!
Just email me at

On February 3 or 4...
I will post photos of Valentine Crafts 
I have created...
for you to purchase.  :)

Enjoy the photos of some of my Valentine treasures!

XO, Lucy