Monday, October 23, 2017

Hi Everyone!!!

Our BOOtique for Lori has officially ended!
My heartfelt gratitude to everyone 
who made and donated items!
Mary Engelbreit
Stephen Brown
Jenn from Noodle & Lou
Crystal Sloane 
Jone Hallmark
Lori Seibert
Robin Sears
Charlotte Lyons
Laura Ravenna
Loretta Marvel
Melinda Dyer Martin
Carol Schmitt
Leslie Schucker
Jeanette Stewart
Pamela Newberry
Margie Bardwell
Audrey Aims
Pat Schildknecht
Carol Turner
Sarah Ogren
Suz Davis
Carrie Proulx
Mary Stanley
Amy Taylor
Kelly Henderson
Elizabeth Barnett
and me, Lucy Tracy
You are all wonderfully creative women.

Heartfelt also to those who 
simply felt compelled
to donate financially.

I know you are all waiting to hear
the grand total earned 
which will go to our friend
Lori and her family!

The auction for the 
Mary Engelbreit drawing
Thank you for your
delightful donation Mary!

The total from sales
at the BOOtique
and online...

Grand Total...

Thank you all!!
Lori feels the LOVE!!

XO, Lucy