Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lucy's Shadow Box Workshop!!!!!!!

I had so much fun crafting 
at the Mary Engelbreit Workshop 
the past two Summers 
that I decided to host my own WORKSHOP! 
Those of you who know me
know I LOVE to craft!
I have an excess of craft materials
and it's time to share!
What better way than to host a workshop!
Women who LOVE to create!
Sorry...no children please.
We will be making SHADOW BOXES!
Your choice...your theme!
Ideas...Seasons, Holidays, Hobbies, Collections,
New Baby, Vacations, Family Events.
You name it...the ideas are limitless!
I have two types of Shadow Boxes to choose from...
One Shadow Box per Registered Attendee.
Both are Jim Holtz  "Configurations" Boxes.
Shadow Box #1...
5.75"x10.75"...2" deep...9 Compartments
Shadow Box #1 has a Plexiglas cover. 
Shadow Box #2...
11.50"x16"...3/4" deep...21 Compartments
Saturday, August 18, 2012
All day...9:00-5:00
Lunch Break...12:30ish
In my craft room!
I'll be helping with ideas and crafting!
Glenview, Illinois
Details given after you Register.
I have tons of stuff...
Paint, Glitter, Ribbon, Beads,
Charms, Scrapbook Paper and Trim,
Teeny Tiny Treasures, etc!
Hot Glue
Cricut Machine
Scrapbook Adhesive...double sided
Tacky Glue
Tiny Treasures of your own...
based on the theme you choose.
I am happy to pre-paint your Shadow Box.
They do not have to be painted...
but it is a fun look!
The cost for the day is $40
Maximum workshop size is 12 adults.
Registration Deadline is August 15, 2012 
Email me at Thimbleart@aol.com to reserve your spot!
Please specify which Shadow Box you prefer.
Please let me know your theme and colors.
Interested in a Custom Shadow Box...
complete and ready to display...
created by me?
I am accepting a limited number of orders 
for Custom Shadow Boxes...$50 each.
Email Lucy at Thimbleart@aol.com 
to reserve your spot today!  
XO, Lucy

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Finished My Beetle Car Sampler!!!!

Hi Friends!

I did it!  
I finished my Beetle Car Sampler!
The one I started at the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Workshop!  
It was so fun to make and I think it turned out super cute!  :) 

 After stitching all the fabric squares on the car shape...
and adding the charms...
I cut around the car and stitched it to red polka dot fabric...
actually a kitchen towel from Crate and Barrel!  
I used black and white beads to border the car.
The sampler is now in a white shadow box....
along with a Beetle Car Thimbleart I created...
a cute teeny tiny Beetle Car ornament...
and a LUCY Pez dispenser.  

Now, in between painting...
switching rooms around...
making a Roman Shade for the new TV room...
and having lunch with friends while we are on summer vacation...
I plan on starting my "Summer" shadow box.

On Monday, July 23...
I'll have a sign-up for my Shadow Box Workshop!!
Details to come within the week!  
The workshop will be on Saturday, August 18!
I hope some of you can come!
Space will be very limited.

XO, Lucy

Thursday, July 5, 2012

So Much Happening!!!

Talk about a HOT 4th of July...YIKES!!!  
Our community has a FUN parade...
and our preschool is an active participant.  
We put school magnets all over my Beetle!
Little ones...and parents...walk along passing out candy.  
It's the best seat in the parade!

Exciting news in our family this 4th of July!
Our son and his girlfriend got engaged!!!
I'm so happy for them!!!
I need to research the role of the Mother of the Groom.   
As much as I'd like to be creatively involved...
I am going to completely step back...
and let them create their wedding...YIKES!  

Beetle Sampler Update...
When I left the MEHC workshop...
I designed the shape of the sampler and pinned down fabric squares.
I now have the fabric stitched down and have added charms!  
I think it's going to be super CUTE!

When I was leaving the MEHC Workshop...
Mary winked at me and told me to add a Wind-Up Key to my Beetle!
Wa La!  I think I fould the perfect key!
Thanks Mary!  :)

Speaking of Mary Engelbreit...
Poor Mary broke her foot while on vacation in Maine.  
I wish her the best for a successful recovery.

XO, Lucy

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Complete New and Improved Craft Room...


Since returning home from the fabulous 
ME Home Companion Workshop 
June 9 and 10...
...it's been WORK...WORK...WORK!  
Not teaching...I'm off for the summer.  
It's "catch up time" around our home! 
We've been playing musical rooms in our basement!  
We turned my old craft room into a storage room.
Where is my craft room?!?!
It is now in the biggest room of the basement!
My husband built beautiful wainscoting...
with a "lip"...
the perfect place to display my Thimbleart!

Now that the room is complete...
I am making the final plans for hosting
my own Shadowbox Workshop!

Details to come within the week!

XO, Lucy