Saturday, August 31, 2013

BOOtique on the Blog!

Hi all!

Welcome to my BOOtique on the Blog!

I know...I'm rushing the season!

But...I am a preschool teacher...
and school starts soon!!

Items for sale here were all 
designed and created by me...Lucy Tracy!

No Smoking in my workshop...or home!

Items are one of a kind!

Please email me at...
to purchase an item.

Items will be sold in order of emails received!

Sold Items will be removed from the BOOtique.

I will invoice you via PayPal...
after I confirm the item is yours
and after I confirm your email.

If you are local...
I will deliver...
and you can pay by cash or check.
I will adjust prices...
to reflect no shipping necessary.

Prices include shipping.
USA only.

On Friday, September 13...
all items will go into my 
*NEW* Etsy shop.

There is lots to see...have fun!

XO, Lucy

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