Thursday, December 27, 2012

Peace and Quiet...

Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Now that the holiday is over...
we are enjoying some 
peace and quiet
in our little home.

Our daughter...and her 2 cats...
are spending some time with us.
Her Chief and Lincoln are having much
more fun with our Tober and Ace
this time around....
after the hissing match
at Thanksgiving.
Tober, our 17 year old deaf cat...
who is pretty feeble with arthritis...
is being much more hospitable.

My daughter and I have been having fun crafting.
She is into cutting letters from the pages of books...
forming phrases, and framing the phrases.

I've working on some gifts for friends...
I purchased some cute hot cocoa tins
from the Mary Engelbreit web sight and 
have been embellishing the tins.  
I emptied the cocoa mix into cute cellophane bags
and then filled the tins with sand.
Then, I added a snowman topper to the top of each tin.
I hope the friends who receive these treasures will love them.

I also completed a project I was looking forward to.
I had these darling Mary Engelbreit figures from way back.
They were made by Enesco back in 1998.  
Since I have been into making Shadow Boxes lately...
I decided to put these little figures into a Shadow Box. 
All of the background paper is
Mary Engelbreit Christmas cards! 
I think it turned out super cute...and now all the little figures
are all together in one place...not to get lost.

I'm off to write thank you notes 
to all of my little preschool darlings.

I hope you are all enjoying these quiet days
after the Christmas rush!

XO, Lucy

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