Monday, August 20, 2012

Shadow Box Workshop...Was That FUN or What?!?!?

Hi Friends...

Saturday was a teeny, tiny day!
Teeny, tiny treasures in my first Shadowbox Workshop! 
Teeny, tiny attendance...four of us...BUT...that was perfect!  
I was able to help the ladies where they wanted help...
and paint teeny, tiny treasures when requested.  

Coleen made a Shadowbox to go in her fabulous, new basement family room.
Coleen included photos of her three delightful boys!
She also included dice that once belonged to her Grandfather.
Coleen hasn't finished her Shadowbox but that it ok!
She's allowing herself more time to make the perfect additions.

Carol is a teeny, tiny, HUGE Mary Engelbreit fan!
Carol's Shadowbox followed an ME theme...
and included items special to her...
buttons... and thoughts of her wedding date.

Nancy made a Shadowbox for her Michigan cottage.
Nancy included items celebrating...
the 4th of time...relaxing...
and her love of all things Mary Engelbreit...etc.
Nancy even made a special spot for the Thimbleart  
I made for guests at the June 2012 MEHC Workshop.
Nancy's family has a Pirate party at their cottage every year
and Nancy represented that event in one little box.

The day was a BLAST!  
I am definitely going to host more workshops!
Creative women are so FUN!!!
I will be keeping attendance at no more than 5 guests.

I think my next workshop will be
Halloween ShadowBoxes and Halloween Treat Boxes!
I'm thinking of October 20...9:00-4:00.
Wouldn't photos of your little ones in Halloween costumes...
even if your little ones are grown up...
be BOOtiful in a Halloween Shadow box!?

My preschool class lists arrived yesterday!
I'll be taking some time to get ready for school!

XO, Lucy

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