Monday, April 2, 2012

Tomorrow Morning!!

First thing tomorrow morning... 
I am signing up to attend the...
Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Workshop!  
I attended one day last year and it just wasn't enough!
This year it's two days for me!!!  
Everything about the workshop is so inspiring!  
Meeting and hangin' with Mary herself!
Working in ME studio!  
Meeting and working with Mary's friends...
Charlotte Lyons, Kathy Curotto, and Amy Powers!  
Meeting and hangin' with so many wonderfully creative women!  
The weekend is not inexpensive...$200 a day...
but well worth the price tag!  
I'm so excited!
XO, Lucy


  1. Lucy,

    I followed the link to your blog from your comment on Amy Power's blog. Whew! Did I get that written down correctly?

    I too have signed up to take two days of classes at the ME Workshop in June! Saturday with Kathy and Charlotte and Sunday with Amy. I am very excited to take these workshops; learn a few new techniques, play with some new materials and meet some crafty women. I am especially looking forward to the Sampler workshop though.

    I have set aside a jar to collect the trinkets, threads and ribbons that are special to me that I will find in my studio. Then I simply have to wait patiently for the next two months! Not so easy to do I think!

    I look forward to your future posts that might tell me more about what to expect while there!

    Happy Easter!

    Yours, Hillary Courson

  2. Hi Hillary!

    I look forward to being in those classes with you!! You are in for the time of your life! Bring your camera as Mary lets us roam her studio!

    See you soon...though not soon enough! :)