Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hi Friends!
Once school is out for the summer...
I really must figure our this whole blog system!
I don't know how to add new posts with new photos...
and still keep the old posts and photos.  
So, I delete photos and add new.  
I know I can figure it out, I just need time.

Easter is now past...
but I still manage to have lots of bunnies in our home.  
Our guest room #2 is affectionally called The Acorn Room.
The paint color is "acorn".  
Are we original or what?!?!  
There are lots of bunnies in The Acorn Room.  
Enjoy the photos!
I hope you find some inspiration.

We are busy doing some touch up work around the house.  
Workmen are creating quite a mess...repairing cracks in the drywall.  
My dear husband and I have been working on refinishing the basement.  
Our goal is to complete the basement soon...
so I can host a SHADOW BOX WORKSHOP this summer!  
I know it will be AFTER I attend the Mary Engelbreit Workshop...
June 9 & 10.  
Maybe later in June or in July.  

XO, Lucy...

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