Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hi Friends!
Once school is out for the summer...
I really must figure our this whole blog system!
I don't know how to add new posts with new photos...
and still keep the old posts and photos.  
So, I delete photos and add new.  
I know I can figure it out, I just need time.

Easter is now past...
but I still manage to have lots of bunnies in our home.  
Our guest room #2 is affectionally called The Acorn Room.
The paint color is "acorn".  
Are we original or what?!?!  
There are lots of bunnies in The Acorn Room.  
Enjoy the photos!
I hope you find some inspiration.

We are busy doing some touch up work around the house.  
Workmen are creating quite a mess...repairing cracks in the drywall.  
My dear husband and I have been working on refinishing the basement.  
Our goal is to complete the basement soon...
so I can host a SHADOW BOX WORKSHOP this summer!  
I know it will be AFTER I attend the Mary Engelbreit Workshop...
June 9 & 10.  
Maybe later in June or in July.  

XO, Lucy...


  1. Hey, your rabbits! And that basket is precious that you painted!

  2. Thanks so much, Anna Marie! It's FUN to get feedback! :)