Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Open!

Hi Friends!

Lucy's Holiday Treasure blog is open. If you are looking for handmade holiday treasures...please stop by...

My good friend and I ventured out to the Lambs Farm Craft Show at Arlington Park Race Track today. We were so disappointed! Yes, "Claudia" was there with her beautiful ornaments. But the line was soooo long for personalizing and the ornaments have gone up in price. My first "Claudia" purchase was an angel...which I bought at the Grove Craft Show when my 26 year old daughter was just a baby. "Claudia" seemed to be one of only a few handmade items this year. I DO NOT like or appreciate knock-off work! I did buy some good homemade chocolate granola so our outing was not a total waste...and I was with my good friend. :)

Have a lovely weekend. I plan on putting out our Christmas decorations and turning our home into a cozy holiday paradise.

XO, Lucy

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