Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is Over...All Ready!?!?!?

I haven't completed all of the projects I had in mind.  Oh well.  :)
Next to come...my Snowmen Collection and Valentines Day.

I thought you might like to see the fun "gift boxes" I made this Christmas.  I purchased the ILLINOIS one at a craft fair.  After I got home, I decided to create more boxes.  So, off to Michaels I went and purchased these primed, tin, lunch boxes.  I decorated the boxes, scrapbook style.  Then I put gift cards and holiday candy inside each one.  They were a big hit with the nieces and nephew.  I think they would be cute for all kinds of gifts.  The smaller boxes are the small, tin, Michaels gift card boxes...decorated scrapbook style.

I hope these little boxes inspire you to make some of your own.  Have FUN!

My Holiday Treasures Blog is now closed for the season.  I"ll let you know when it re-opens.  Thanks so much!

XO, Lucy

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