Monday, February 16, 2015

ME's New Coloring Book...

Mary Engelbreit has come out with 
a new coloring book!

Mary asked for volunteer coloring enthusiasts...
of course I could not pass up the opportunity!

Mary sent out books to the volunteers...
We "color" the pages...
and send them back to Mary!

This weekend I planned to start writing my 
Preschool Conference reports.
I put that on hold... 
and had FUN with the coloring book 

I copied the page I chose onto card stock.
I wanted to sew some embellishments 
and was afraid of ripping the page.

I used tempera paints.
Embroidered a touch.
Felted some ME flowers.

And Wa La!
My page is complete.

Now...back to those Preschool Conference reports!

XO, Lucy

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