Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Vacation has BEGUN!!!!

Months have passed since I last blogged!!!!

So much has been going on!

Our son got married on 
Memorial Day Weekend!

The beautiful wedding took place in 
St. John, Indiana.
The reception was held in an apple orchard in Hobart, Indiana.
Everything was so FUN!

After the wedding, hubs and I traveled to the
French Lick Springs Resort
in French Lick, Indiana.
A beautiful...Southern style resort!
We celebrated our 37th Anniversary!

The day after we returned from Indiana...
I traveled to Vermont for another of
Meleen and Charlotte's Craft Getaway weekends.
Check out Charlotte's blog...
House Wren Studio!
I think this weekend was even more fun 
than my trip in January.
Several of the women were repeaters...
and we had a fun time reuniting!

Enjoy more photos on my Instagram...
Lucy Tracy

Summer vacation has started!
Time to craft, plant, bicycle, and swim.

Please email me at...
For any custom Thimbleart orders.

XO, Lucy

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