Monday, March 19, 2012

Another warm weather...record in the Chicago area!!

Everything is blooming!  The Chicago area thinks it is June
...not March!
I continue to keep my Uggs in the trunk of my car.
No...not my Uggs but my new ORANGE rain boots.  
The little ones at preschool will LOVE my new ORANGE boots!  :)

The story behind the little Basket Bird Cage I made...
I had seen an adorable version in a mason jar on Pinterest
...and knew I wanted to make it.  
I happened into Pottery Barn over the weekend and purchased a cute wire basket
...which is really a silverware holder.
I made my own version of the adorable birds in a jar in the wire basket.
I think it turned out super tweet for spring.
I used red, white, and blue so I can keep it out all summer.  :)

I have Spring break next week!
 I plan to spend a little time developing my Shadow Box Workshop plans!
Watch for Workshop details on April 1...and that's no joke.  :)

XO, Lucy

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