Saturday, August 20, 2011

Teeny Tiny House...

Hi Friends!
Many of you know that I live in a teeny tiny house! Our teeny tiny house is full of teeny tiny treasures! I LOVE to decorate! I'm not talking changing furniture...I'm talking the details. The details are what make a house a matter how teeny tiny the house!

There are several places in my teeny tiny house that are redecorated at least five times a year...making fun seasonal changes. Some of these areas include the fireplace mantel in our bedroom, the fantastic shelves in the living room... built by my dear husband, and the wood box in the living room purchased years ago at a craft show. Our cranberry room gets a complete transformation at Christmas...but that is a whole different post!

Currently, my decorating scheme is in Summer Mode. I know...Halloween is out everywhere but I hold back until after Labor Day. Summer Mode in my teeny tiny house lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day and includes lots of patriotic and summer fun. Posted are some pictures of some of my Summer Mode to hopefully inspire you.

I've added my "Junkyard Cute" bracelets at the bottom of the page. All are for sale for $25 each. Email me if you are I can drop one off or mail one to you. Free shipping.

It's raining again...and I have a Noah's Arc Thimbleart set to paint. Stay dry and thanks for stopping by.

XO, Lucy

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